miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

likes and dislikes about facebook

search anyone
stalking poeple
write on wall
comment pohots
friend request
profile photos
party invitations
relatioship status
happy bday notes
the setting
people's info

group fans
private profiles
emo pictures
photos looking at the mirror
photos trying to be sexy
having comments of your mom
dirty photos
nonsense status
tagg photos when you are not in it
upload videos
update status every 10 min
status of everything you think and do
people adding you that you dont even know
having people 20 years older than you adding you
clubs invitation
groups request
group inbox
tagg websites
have lucky cookies
having questions for you to awnser.
Top friends

jueves, 22 de abril de 2010

earth day

Water Pollution
We know don´t how much damage we are causing to earth. People still goes with their lives without worrying about the earth, people work, drive, wash their hands, and throw trash. Everything we do is killing our mother earth. We have to take action and start cleaning places and stop wasting water. We know that many things we do contaminate the earth but what is more important is the water pollution. It has been a really big problem but because it is indispensable for the people they don´t do anything about it.

Water pollution is any physical or biological change in water that has a harmful effect on any living thing that drinks, uses, or lives. When a person drinks polluted water it would have serious effects on their health. (water treatment and pollution) Water pollution can be detected by simple steps. You can take any samples and take them to laboratories, where water is analyzed and see if the water is in danger. The second step you can do is to take a fish and have it in an observatory and see how it grows, and its behavior, that way you could see if the water where the fish is, is polluted water.

Water pollution has three classes of pollution which are very dangerous for any living thing surrounded by water. The first class is disease- causing agents. These are some kind of bacteria, viruses and worms that enter in sewage systems and untreated waste. The second class is oxygen-demanding wastes. This is caused when large populations of decomposing bacteria are converting wastes and it can deplete oxygen levels in water, this causes fishes to die. The third class is water-soluble such as acids, toxic metals and salts. Drinking this type of water will cause death to underwater species. A very important water pollutant is the oil, plastics and pesticides that are very harmful to fish and humans. (water treatment and pollution)

Do you know where does water pollution comes from? Well humans have the most guilt from this damage. We, humans are the main cause of water pollution due to our activities. There are two sources of water pollution. Point sources discharge pollutants at specific locations into the surface water, the nonpoint sources are the ones that cannot be traced to a single place of discharge. Examples of point sources are the agriculture, factories, underground mines and oil tankers. Examples of nonpoint sources are the traffic and acid deposition from the air. (water treatment and pollution)

We live in one world, if we do not take care of it, it will come to an end and it will destroy any resource that we have left. Water pollution is one of many serious environmental problems facing the earth. We have to take action and educate every child in school and any person passing by that we live in a world that is deteriorating more and more. Take care of your word as I take care of mine, at the end; it is the same world for everyone.

miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2010

students commercial

Mastercard- Dany Niño from markpicketts on Vimeo.

This was a fun activity, students showed their ability to do very good commercials. The commercial that I like the most was Marifer´s. she did a really good job, I loved her dog! its awesome! I was shocked when the food bone was in her nose and eat it. on the other hand tha commercial was ver clear, it gives the idea of shelters and it transmites love towards dogs.! I dont think it should have something to be improved it gives the idea that people should adopt dogs. If I could re-do my project I would put more effort on the dancing kids, I mean they danced and as kids they got frustuated and tired they didnt want it to do it for the 6th time. also I wil tape it with a video camera, it has better sound and you can hear less disturbance. the other projects should improve, and I say it in general, they also should use a video camera and tape in a bight place you the viewer can see it clearly.

lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010

amazing technology!

paragraph 1 - your reaction to this new emerging technology, what were you thinking wow watching the video. would you want one of these? why or why not?
paragraph 2 - what you feel are the greatest things about the technology (and what are its greatest limitations)
paragraph 3 - at the end he says that it is quite cheap to make and that he will be sharing his software - Open Source. In your own words what does open source mean? What have you used that is "Open Source", what do you think are the pros and cons of sharing software in this way.

WOW!! I am amazed by this video, I neve thought that humans can develope their ideas that much, I mean, omg!! this is extraordinary. I was in shock when I saw it, I couldn´t stop watching it over and over again, I even show it to my sister. I really don´t think I want one eve though they are the coolest thing ever, I thing that it is to much technology to me, I mean with that much technology advanced we, humans, become lazy and also we become dependent of technology. I think that only people that interact with internet all day for example their jobs, should use it but people like me should use the computer at least.
Technology has no lomitations! it can go as far as you want and nothing will stop you. the greatest thing about technology is that you can search in internet what ever you want, from a tiny thing to a big thing by just making a click on the mouse. sometimes it can search very deep info that it might become dangerous but still, internet has no limitations.
I can´t believe that this amazing object cost only 200 dlls!!! it is cheaper than I thought! When the guy says about the open source, he was referring to sell it in stores so people can buy it and enjoy the wonderful technology that we have now a days. what I have used that it is open source is the iphone, it is also an amazing technology than it is open source, a bright man created and sell it to stores so I like verybody can buy it. what I think about the pros and cons of sharing software is that, yes it might be very cool to search and google all what you want but also we have to be careful from people whos work is to extorsionate people and put in danger their lifes.

martes, 9 de febrero de 2010


I really like the commercials, I think they were shocking! the one a like the most was the DOVE commercial, it was impressing how a woman can be edited that much. i realize that that beauty of women do not exist. the other commercial that I stick is this one linked, it is very cute.
I do not know what elements I will use, maybe I will do it similar to the master card´s commercial, priceless. also I will get people to help me. I do not want fiction I just want to make it real.

sábado, 12 de diciembre de 2009

Short Film!

I ´ve never created a short film, I think it will be awesome!
what I want to do is a short film promoting "a 100 ways cushion" this cushion will make anything you want in any way you want.
I will work with victoria and andrea, they will help me to record my short video.
first I will promote that they are haundred cushions in stores, but this one is much better
I will only tell you ten ways to use it and in a small manual there will be the other 90 ways for your cushion!
it will be great, also I will tell you that it is very cheap and you dont have to spend many dollars
on the screen will appear a phone number for you to call!

new secutiry meassures

Facebook is an internet media where you can contact your friends and to comment and see photos, the new security meassures controls each profile, which makes that not every person can see it, only your friends. I understand the meassure, it is for our own good to have a security control for our facebook page. I assume that they were created due to people that were harrasing others via facebook, also they have been many kidnappings just because facebook was not safe at all and any person can enter at your page and know all about you. Personally I think security meassures are great! they will be very succesful, it makes you to keep your facebook profile and not to delete it. I dont think they will affect my use of facebook at all, on the contrary I will use it more than I use it before.
what makes cool facebook is that you can post anything and everything so your friends can see it and comment on them. Submiting quotes or videos with out their knowing I think that it is a problem, but only if the person that has been record it does care, if he or she doesn´t care its fine for me. I really don´t care posting videos of staff members, it is just a joke for my point of view, I mean if its a bad video or something prohibited iwill care and do something about it. If its just a funny video I will leave it and laugh at it. situations like this, the school should talk to the person responsible and do something on this matter.